"Jossain kohtaa rooli alkaa itse ruokkia itseään. Taide ottaa taiteilijan roolin."
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Tanssiva Meteoriitti – Dancing Meteorite 2023 biennale is a multidisciplinary discussion and performance forum combining art and scientific research in Fiskars, Raasepori, from 20 to 31 May 2023.


Suuri järvi – Digersjön – Grand Lake tickets from 24 € (early bird until 15.5.): onoma.fi/tuote-osasto/liput

Sensing Water ja ImproFlow concert from 25 € (early bird until 15.5.): lippu.fi

Free entry to exhibitions and discussions.

Saine Ensemble

Saine Ensemble collaborates with various professionals in the fields of art and science. The starting point for Saine Ensemble’s work is that each professional participates in the implementation of the project from start to finish. The projects are carried out in a multi-discliplinary, committed and sustainable manner.

The productions combining dance, music, movie and sound and visual art are often situated within cultural environments which have been shaped by people and nature and their interaction with and dependence on one another.

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Sensing Water, 2022

The productions are located in multiple exceptional locations, such as an abandoned mine, raised bog and a flowing river. The dialogue is born out many voices involving art, science and research.

Performances and events are filmed and transformed into short movies and documentaries.

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